Heath Ledger as Best Supporting Actor?

Earlier this year we were all shocked by the tragic death of Heath Ledger, who was finally breaking through with recent roles including Brokeback Mountain and I'm Not There. It was one of his last roles however as the Joker in The Dark Knight that may win him an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor. A recent article in the Guardian UK writes that Ledger could be the frontrunner for the award when the Oscars air next year. Of course, it won't be easy, as big-budget blockbusters like The Dark Knight tend to get overlooked in the balloting because what is perceived as a lack of substance. "The Academy tend to overlook movies like this," admitted Gary Oldman. "But his acting is so good it's going to be hard for them to avoid it." But Ledger has proven his acting abilities in countless other films, and if early indications are true then his role as Joker is so visceral and compelling that its downright scary. Of course, should he win it would in no way validate or justify his untimely death, and it would even most likely be a sharp reminder of what its like when we lose someone like Ledger. But should he win, it would most certainly be a vindication of sorts, proving once and for all that Ledger really was that great of an actor, and movies will be a little worse off without him in contention for the roles. If the Academy really knows what's right, they need to give him the award and honor his legacy. And it can't be a posthumous "special" award and they give someone else Best Supporting Actor, because that would almost cheapen his name. Ledger as Best Supporting Actor?