Hulk vs. Wolverine

Hulk and Wolverine fights are always epic. Both can heal, both are nearly invincible, and both are berserk when angry. And the Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine was shaping up to be epic until it was mysteriously scrapped (if anyone knows why it was scrapped I would LOVE to know). So it was only a matter of time until an animated movie was made, chronicling their battles. Below is a preview trailer of the Hulk vs. Wolverine feature of a double feature animated film called Hulk vs. (the other half is Hulk vs. Thor), due out January 2009. And Comic Con attendees are in luck, as you'll have the opportunity to watch the complete film at the convention (Thursday July 24 at 4:15 PM in Hall H). So check out the trailer below, and if you're headed to Comic Con try and carve out some time in your schedule to watch the movie before it releases on DVD and Blu-ray.