Is Two-Face returning?

There are spoilers ahead if you're one of the maybe two people that haven't seen The Dark Knight yet. IMDB reports in a recent interview with World Entertainment News Network (WENN) that Aaron Eckhart would reprise his role as Harvey Dent/Two-Face in a third Batman movie if asked. "To work with Christian (Bale) all over again, and the cast, would be phenomenal. I think this movie is a movie of a lifetime." Now, you could take this as just a passing comment, as I doubt that Christopher Nolan has the third Batman movie even sketched out yet (although there have been reports to the contrary). But The Dark Knight never really resolved Two-Face, as to whether or not he actually died. Batman and Commissioner Gordon simply say that they have to make sure that the public never knows what he becomes, and there's the memorial service at the end, but you never see the body. My guess is that Eckhart was just saying it out of respect to Bale and the cast, but come on. You know its fun to speculate. Eckhart wants to do third Batman


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