The Magdalena movie announced by Top Cow

Top Cow is all about hot chicks that kick ass. And while news that The Magdalena comic is being adapted to a full-length movie is kind of old news, Marc Silvestri had good things to say about the casting choices (Jenna Dewan and Luke Goss) for the film when talking to Newsarama. "I thought they were great choices," Silvestri said of the casting. "Dewan has a great physical presence. She was actually a dancer in her background before she turned to movies. So she has a very strong physicality about her. And obviously, we've got Luke Goss as another character, and he's got some real steam behind him after playing Prince Nuada in Hellboy 2. And the producer, Gale Anne Hurd -- her credits speak for herself. She's passionate about this genre and has more experience than most people in Hollywood do in transferring this type of stuff to the screen. We couldn't ask for more at this point." The Magdalena is a Top Cow comic series about a generational line of female warriors descended from Mary Magdalene who have been charged with protecting the Catholic Church. Each generation’s Magdalena warrior is handed down the Spear of Destiny to use as her weapon. The current Magdalena is Patience, who has clashed with her superiors at the Vatican and so has removed any allegiance to them, though she still acts to fulfill her mission as a Holy Warrior. “The Magdalena” movie is produced by Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Motion Pictures, Platinum Studios and Top Cow Productions. So nothing else to report on regarding the film, other than that its due out at some point in the near future, probably sometime in 2009. Silvestri talks Top Cow films