Mark Millar returning to the Ultimate universe

San Diego Comic Con 2008 has come and gone, and all we're left with are anouncements, news and speculation on the year ahead. One of the big guns in Marvel had a pretty big announcement regarding their Ultimate universe, and it involved none other than Mark Millar. Millar-recently out of a Marvel contract-toyed with the notion of not resigning to work on his own stuff, but then he had a supposedly epic idea regarding the Ultimate universe. "And then I was on the train a few weeks ago, and I got an idea for an Ultimate book that's bigger than all the other Ultimate books. This one just re-establishes everything in the Ultimate Universe and becomes the daddy of the whole Ultimate line. Just by its very nature, it can't be anything other than the biggest book in the Ultimate line every month." And while no details have been divulged regarding the epic storyline, Millar will be sure to make sure that his story seamlessly integrates with the upcoming Ultimatum that Brian Michael Bendis and Jeph Loeb are working on. "A huge part of this is to do all the Ultimate characters I never got a chance to do," Millar says. "So although it's gong to be made up out of the established Ultimate characters, I really wanted to go wide on the Ultimate Universe too. I think the thing I'm probably best at. You know every writer's got their little thing they're best at like Bendis with his dialogue—I'm pretty good at reinventing things. I had great fun doing Ultimate Tony Stark and Ultimate Nick Fury, so I wanted to spread that out too and see what Ultimate Ghost Rider would be like or Ultimate Blade. That kind of stuff is going to feature quite heavily. I really want to reinvent the whole Marvel Universe." Stay tuned for what will most surely be an awesome twist on the Ultimate universe. Millar back in the Ultimate universe