Marvel to the Nth Degree

Comic-Con is here, and all week I've been trying to get programming out for some of the smaller publishers. Which means that Marvel and DC haven't really been getting the love from me, and I assure you that's not intentional. So to remedy this situation, I'm here to tell you that Marvel has something epic planned for Friday. At 3:30 PM PT in Room 6A, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada and Ruwan Jayatilleke (SVP Marvel Strategic Development) will announce a covert top secret project that Marvel has been working on for months. The project is an effort to give readers the chance to experience a new work by one of the biggest names in entertainment (Marvel goes out of its way to emphasize entertatainment as opposed to comics) in an entirely new way. And there will be surprise guests! What I'm thinking it a partnership with a big gaming company allowing the Marvel licenses to be used. And most likely it will be an answer to DC Universe Online, only the Marvel version. DC has shown that an MMO featuring comic superheroes and villains can be done. Or it could even be a more interactive experience with a Marvel property that is coming up soon. What is it? The mind boggles with anticipation! Marvel to the Nth Degree