New characters for MK vs. DC Universe

So yeah, my feelings about MK vs. DC Universe are pretty known at this point in that I have a feeling it will be a trainwreck and is detrimental to the DC intellectual properties. But if you feel even slightly more optimistic about the game than I do, then you're in luck. This Friday (July 4) at 1 AM Gametrailers will debut footage from the game in addition to two new characters. These new characters are villains and will join the likes of Batman, Superman, Scorpion and Sub-Zero as playable characters. I'm guessing it will most likely be a DC villain and an MK villain, and my money is on Joker and Jade. It will be interesting though if the Catwoman renders are in fact real and MIdway treats her as a villain, in which case she could be one of the new characters. The video advertising the game goodies is below, and here's the link.