Secrets of the Secret Six

Wizard Universe does a good job in covering comics. Part of their ability is owed to their mammoth size and reputation, so scoring interviews with top-tier talent is no big thing for them. So when they want to interview Gail Simone about the Secret Six, well I can only imagine she was happy to oblige. When asked about the fifth member, Simone's answer may surprise you. "Bane is the fifth member and he begins to develop some very odd feelings for another member of the Secret Six. And we're going to see a side of Bane that no one's ever seen before." And when it comes to team dynamics? "For me, this book is mostly about people who are outsiders. Secret Six is the flipside of Wonder Woman in that all they have is each other. Wonder Woman has all of her sisters from Thymyscara, she's got the Justice League, she's just got tons and tons of people. The Secret Six really just have each other and they're really uncomfortable [knowing] that they have friends. "It's kind of all the fun conflict that is going on between those relationships and that dynamic. Catman is questioning whether or not he should try to be an actual hero. They don't really want to be friends, it's just that they're stuck together, and even when they try to do something good, it usually turns out horrible in the end. It's just their experiences together—it's a different dynamic, but it's still exploring being in a group and how everyone inter-relates with each other and the different personalities that evolve and carry on through that." So keep your eye out for more Secret Six, as Simone is definitely one of the better writers out there. Gail Simone speaks to the Secret Six