Spider-Man - Web of Shadows box art contest

We need more interaction between game designers and fans, because they're the ones that buy the games. So why shouldn't they be able to chime in when it comes to special edition goodies and presentation? Afterall, without fans, we wouldn't have been presented the sweet Big Daddy figure as part of the Bioshock Collector's Edition right? Well gamers, Activision has heard your plea and is offering you the chance to make your voice heard. Over on the website for Spider-Man - Web of Shadows (appropriately called "Seize Control") you can vote on which of the above two covers you'd like to see on the game when its released. Currently, Cover 2 (with Venom and Wolverine) is narrowly edging out the other cover, but that could change with your vote. And while you can only vote once a day, you can come back the next day and vote again! Do it as much as you'd like. Spider-Man - Web of Shadows box art contest