Top 5 Batman handheld games

Imagine this scenario if you will. You're sitting in line, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be mobbed into the theater to see The Dark Knight for the tenth time. Of course, you can talk to your friends, maybe play some cards, you know...waiting in line activities. But suppose you wanted to play a video game. And suppose that you wanted to play a Batman related video game. Which one would you play? That's a good question, and its one that Pocket Gamer answered. Over on their site is a list of the top 5 Batman handheld games. The top 5 are:
  • Batman (Game Boy)
  • The Adventures of Batman and Robin (Game Gear)
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Game Boy Advance)
  • Batman Begins (Mobile)
  • LEGO Batman
The list of course assumes that you have readily available the various pieces of hardware necessary to play said games (or some good emulators on a hacked DS or PSP). And they're also counting on LEGO Batman being a really good game (which I'm sure it will be). But still, a great list of quality Batman games. Top 5 Batman handheld games