Why So Serious

We're getting closer and closer to the release of what will surely be an epic film in The Dark Knight (July 18 if you haven't gotten your tickets yet). That means the Joker is running out of time to perform random acts of mayhem before the film's release date. But at least we know he has three more things planned, if Why So Serious is any indication. Upon visiting the website fans are greeted with a checklist of sorts, with 11 of 14 items checked off and the beside them the dates the acts were done. Past acts include "3. Make everyone everywhere look like me" and "8. Make fun of the Batman." But what's left do you ask? Three more items: 12. Be good to my guests 13. Gather all my fans 14. Leave a big mark I think we're building up for something awesome at the release of the movie when it officially hits theaters. Either at the midnight showing on that Thursday night, or all day Friday during showings. Or maybe just on those days at the IMAX showings, since Nolan has shown an affinity for the medium. Whatever the case, you know that this entire marketing campaign is not going to go down with a whimper, so expect some massive insanity when the film releases. Why So Serious