Witchblade: Complete TV Series DVD

I never quite got into the Witchblade series, however that doesn't mean I don't respect it for what it is. It put Top Cow on the map, and features what has become commonplace these days in a hot chick kicking serious ass and taking names. So naturally, such success would warrant a TV series, and while said series was relatively short lived, it now lives on in DVD form. Released yesterday (July 29), Witchblade: Complete TV Series hit store on the lovely DVD format. The DVD sets includes the following special features:
  • Witchblade: Gabriel's Philosophical Insights on Selected Episodes
  • Wielding the Blade Featurette
  • Bringing the Blade to Life Featurette
  • Original Casting Sessions for Series Leads
The seven-disc series retails for about $54.95 if you're so inclined. Witchblade: Complete TV Series on DVD