Zack Snyder directing next Batman?

I'm going to go ahead and save you the trouble and say that this is most likely wild speculation with no credibilty to it whatsoever. But it could be news, so I'll report on it nonetheless. The first part of this post isn't really insane, just noteworthy. Wizard Online (via The Daily News) mentions a recommendation by Julie Newmar as to who would make a good Catwoman. "Angelina [Jolie] would own the part," Newmar told the Daily News. "My industry friends tell me [she] has made inquiries about the role." While Jonathan and Christopher Nolan haven't committed to the villains in the third film, they've pretty much said that they're not really keen on bringing Catwoman back into the mix. Wizard Online also reports that during Comic Con's "The Visionaries: Filmmakers" panel that Zack Snyder said that he'd love to see a big screen adaptation of Frank Miller's beloved classic The Dark Knight Returns. Nothing too controversial about that in itself. But when you add in Miller's response, which just so happened to be "You can do it anytime you want, Zack," well then things get a little more interesting. Now of course, this doesn't mean Snyder is anywhere near confirmed for anything. And the chemistry that Christopher Nolan has developed with the cast and the vibe he's added to the current incarnation of the Batman is undeniably successful and awesome. Its fairly confirmed at this point that Nolan will be back for a third Batman, but where does the franchise go after that? Sam Raimi might not be coming back for Spider-Man 4, as it seems trilogies tend to be the lifespan for a director. So there you have it, answers in the same post. Its fairly certain that Snyder wouldn't direct the third Batman film, but after that, its anyone's guess. Zack Snyder directing Batman 3?