Batman: Arkham Asylum pics released, then recaptured (sort of like the Joker)

Earlier this week word leaked out that there was a new Batman game in the works called Batman: Arkham Asylum by Rocksteady Studios. A quick Internet jaunt to their site showed merely the Batsymbol with a timer in front of it, counting down to roughly 2 PM ET today. 2 PM has come and gone, and what we were left with were the official announcement of the game. In addition to some screenshots. Apparently, Rocksteady Studios wasn't quite sure if they wanted said photos up online, so they took them down rather quickly. But not so fast my friends! Member Endless at NeoGaf forums was astute enough to take it upon himself to grab all the screenshots he could before they were taken down (get that member a beer!). They have since been taken down, however I wouldn't expect them to stay down long once Rocksteady realizes they're already out there. But if you don't want to wait until the official "reposting" of them, hit the link below to check them out on the NeoGaf forum. Most of the pictures focus on the Joker, which makes sense because the game reportedly revolves around an elaborate plan of his to get captured and put into Arkham Asylum with the intent of causing massive amounts of anarchy. The game seems to have a really gritty feel to it, keeping in line with the goal of making the game a bit darker (seemingly like the Grant Morrison graphic novel with the same name). I'll have more updates on the game as they get released, so stay tuned. Batman: Arkham Asylum photos