Batman game overload

Gamers had hit a drought of Batman games. Granted, there really isn't one that is most memorable out of all of them (ok, Batman for Nintendo is probably the only one of note), but Batman is a character that should have at least one game centered around him. But why stop at one when you can have three? At the same time! X360 (in Australia) has compiled a handy primer on the three Batman games in the pipeline. They first look at Traveller's Tales' (the article mistakenly has it listed as Traveler Studios) LEGO: Batman, set for a September 23 release and featuring Danny Elfman's soundtracks from Batman and Batman Returns. I'm a huge fan of what TT has done with the Star Wars LEGO series, so I can only expect LEGO: Batman to be even better. The second game they look at is the newly announced Batman: Arkham Asylum by Rocksteady Studios. Images of the game have already been released, and from what we've heard the game will be rather dark and center around the madness that is the Joker. And since Eidos owns the gaming licenses to Batman, expect to see just about every member of the Rogue's Gallery in this one. The final game is the one that we shouldn't be talking about. That would be the Batman game based on The Dark Knight. Gary Oldman let slip he was doing voice work for the game, and we've not yet got an official cofirmation of the game's development. But recently, rumor has it that the game just isn't there yet. All sorts of quality problems seem to abound, mostly centered on what is supposedly an awful combat system. So check out the article to get yoruself up to speed on all things Batman-game related. Its a great year to be a fan of the Batman. Batman games in the pipelines