Be A Real Nowhere Man Contest

Hugh Jackman has really been getting into comics as of late. He's played Wolverine to a T in three X-Men movies, and of course there's the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine due out next year. And one of the most recent announcements involved Jackman's creation of Nowhere Man with the help of Marc Guggenheim and Paul Gulacy. So however would Virgin Comics commemorate that? I know, a contest! The "Be A Real Nowhere Man" contest will give one luck winner the chance to be immortalized in an issue of the upcoming series with the same name. And the issue will be personally autographed by Jackman, Guggenheim and Gulacy! If you're not luck enough to win that one well then you might just be in the running to win one of ten copies of Nowhere Man #1 signed by Hugh Jackman. All entries are due by September 15, 2008, so make sure to get them in as soon as possible. Be A Real Nowhere Man Contest