Can MK vs. DC Universe be any good?

I for one have my doubts. I feel like the Mortal Kombat series jumped the shark a long time ago and was basically surpassed by fighting games with better mechanics. So Midway had to do something drastic, and something drastic they did. Teaming up with DC to create MK. vs DC Universe was quite a surprise, and Jim Reilly over at Kotaku thinks it could actually be good. "The game plays just as you’d expect a Mortal Kombat game to play. While it’s considered a straight 2D fighter, there is the option to sidestep using the left analog stick. It’s not used for dodging attacks, so other than moving around the map, I’m not sure why it was added, other than maybe to please the Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter fans." "Something I noticed about the combat is the uppercuts don’t have any meat behind them. Before, when you’d uppercut someone, the screen would shake and it’d feel damn good. In MK vs. DC, there didn’t seem to be any punch behind them. You opponent sort of just flies in the air. But besides that, I didn’t have a problem executing moves, even on the 360 d-pad." He goes on to say that the move list still needs some tweaking, but he was especially pleased with the commitment to detail in bodies and costumes. "I came away most impressed with the character body damage. Not only does it look cool, but it’s specific to points of contact as well. For example, if I grab Batman’s arm and give him an elbow-breaker, his suit will rip above and below the arm. Likewise, if I punch Scorpion in the face, his mask will come off. So the body damage isn’t tied to overall health or anything like I had originally thought." Look, I've been very vocal in my pending disappointment with what this game will be. And I'll be the first to admit if I'm wrong after playing the game. So DC, if you're listening, feel free to send me a copy of the game (Xbox 360) and I'll be happy to give it a playthrough and a fair shake. But only time will tell if this game is actually decent or not. MK vs. DC Universe could be good