The Dark Knight almost prints money

The Dark Knight continues to be an unstoppable juggernaut that spits out money. According to Reuters, the domestic tally for the film is $400.03 million, reaching the milestone in a record 18 days. The previous movie to get to that number insanely fast was Shrek 2 which took 43 days. Warner Brothers expects the film to add at least another $100 million before its all said and done and is expected to pass the $471 million, surpassing the second highest grossing film in Star Wars. And of course the highest grossing film of all time is Titanic at $601 million, which I'm really hoping will get knocked off. And when reading the article, try not to hold it against the writer for saying that the film is a sequel to Batman Returns. We're not all true comics fans it seems. The Dark Knight stomping on shards of shattered records