The Dark Knight continues to rock

I promise I'll stop writing about this at some point, but I feel that it still bears mentioning. The Dark Knight lead the box office again this past weekend with $26 million, despite the arrival of Pineapple Express. Its grand total so far is $441.5 million domestically, placing it ahead of Shrek 2 as the third highest grossing film of all time. Next on the list? Star Wars at $461 million. Warner Brothers expect the film to finish up at around $520 million domestically, well short of the highest grossing film of all time in Titanic at $600 million. Honestly, I knew this film would do well. But I really didn't think it would do THIS well. Its phenomenal news for comic book fans because it proves to the Hollywood suits that if you actually make a decent movie based on a comic book it will make money. Its said that the reasoning behind a film isn't necessarily for the fans, but hey, if they make and its good the fans will still be happy. The same can be said of Iron Man, which didn't make nearly as much as The Dark Knight, but still did extremely well for being the first incarnation of the film and featuring Robert Downey, Jr., kind of a wild card of a drawing actor. The Dark Knight raking in the cash