The Dark Knight game canceled?

Everyone knows that The Dark Knight is awesome. It has broken just about every box office record, and is singlehandedly revolutionizing the comic book film genre. And it was only natural that it may be the reason for the first decent Batman game in a long time. But not so fast. Word is that the game might be canceled. According to Australian Gamer the "secret" game that was never officially announced has been canceled. The word is that the executives in charge of the game aren't happy with the game's progress relative to the schedule. This echoes what was mentioned earlier in that Pandemic Studios had issues with the controls and fighting mechanics that really hurt the game. I can't really say that I'm heartbroken about this considering there was never confirmation of the game. And we never really saw anything from the game so there was nothing to get excited about (besides the fact that it was a Batman game). So I guess we'll see how it pans out, but in the meantime it looks like we won't have the game to look forward to. The Dark Knight game canceled?