The Dark Knight hits home in December

HD Addicts has just given us all a date to look forward to: December 9. Yes sir, that's the current tentative release date for The Dark Knight on Blu-ray. Now it only says that the Blu-ray version will be released on that date, but I think its safe to assume the standard DVD version will also be released on that date. I think its also safe to say that there will be TONS of extras included. Personally, I'm glad that the movie is being released on December 9. I was a little worried that Warner Brothers would release the film in January (January 25) as a tribute to Heath Ledger's death. So I'm glad they're not going that route. But I am glad that the film is hitting home theaters sooner than later, because it will save me some money from seeing it in the theater for the trillionth time. The Dark Knight hits Blu-ray December 9