David S. Goyer chimes in on next Batman villain

So we know who Wizard Online thinks should be the villain in the inevitable next Batman film, and we've heard who countless heavy hitting comics writers think would be great to go up against Christian Bale in the next incarnation of Batman. But what do the writers of The Dark Knight (more specifically David S. Goyer) have to say about the next villain? According to Sci-Fi Wire (part of Sci-Fi channel), we might not even recognize the villain. "There's no reason why we necessarily have to use the same three or four that are still around," Goyer said in an interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego last month. "I mean, Batman's got a wide variety, [a] rogues' gallery. Certainly we used two in the first movie that hadn't been in the films before." There are tons of villains out there that we've never seen in a movie, and as I said in my post yesterday that the writers will probably want to use a villain that doesn't remind people of Joker directly. I still think Harley Quinn would be awesome, because you could keep the spirit of Heath Ledger's Joker anarchy without having to actually have them. And Harley Quinn fits that unknown bill, considering she was introduced in the animated series. Stay tuned kids. Goyer says we may not know the villain


  1. Harley Quinn wouldn't work in a Nolan film I don't think.

    1) Stupid punny name.
    2) Stupid looking costume in live-action, works for a cartoon but you'd have to shred it and goth it up to make it even barely but mostly Burton-y credible.
    3) You'd need to bring in Dini instead of Goyer for the script to do it right. I doubt the egos at this point will allow that.

    Better to take a few half-obscure ones and revamp them.


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