Details on The Dark Knight game

When you're an Internet powerhouse you tend to get friends in lots of places. Unfortunately, Omnicomic isn't quite there yet, but I'm trying. Lucky for you however that I read Kotaku, one of the aforementioned powerhouses who just so happens to have a source that's played the unofficial game adaptaion of The Dark Knight. There's a game you say? Unofficially yes there is, and its by Pandemic. Kotaku has more from their source. Apparently the game is somewhat of a free-roaming game a la GTA and Spider-man 2. Which sounds awesome. But the hold up is mainly in the combat system. Since Batman is only a human there are only so many moves at his disposal. And the camera does cause some problems from time to time, and any game can tell you that awkward camera angles can kill a game in an instant. But the good news is that the game only shares the name with the movie. The story takes place after the movie ends, so the sky's really the limit in terms of what you can expect and what will happen. But I would presume that Pandemic would keep things within reason (like not having Superman show up or something). So no release date, no official announcement, no nothing. All we have are dreams... The Dark Knight game is in development