Does Warner Brothers want Superman Begins?

2006 was a big year for DC and Warner Brothers. One year after the surprise success of Batman Begins, the reboot of the Batman franchise (and only way to wash the taste of bat nipples out of our mouths), was a supposed reboot of the other big gun at DC in Superman. Superman Returns essentially stole Bryan Singer from doing the third X-Men movie and while it wasn't a flop in the commercial sense, it did leave fans clamoring for more. Talks have been ongoing about the potential sequel for a while now, but according to Anne Thompson at Variety that sequel could be yet another reboot. WB execs weren't so much dissatisfied with Singer or Brandon Routh, rather, they feel like Superman Returns wasn't quite the reboot that they originally had intended. Because of that, some are worried that writing a sequel based on that film might not do so well in theaters if people think its tied to the first one. So what to do then? Reboot the reboot. Nothing has been written for the film (supposedly titled the Man of Steel), but then again not even the title has been super-confirmed. What about casting and characters you ask? I'm fairly certain that Singer and Routh would come back, but I'm not so sure about Kate Bosworth. Another question would be who would Superman fight? His most recognizable villain is Lex Luthor, and while Kevin Spacey played the role to a T, you can't really use that character as the villain for two straight movies. What DC should consider is going the Marvel route. That is, use the Superman movie to set up the Justice League movie and create a DC movie universe. This could certainly work in other films such as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash, and then you are building the continuity that would pay off big-time if the Justice League film ever comes to fruition. But then they'd have to keep the same actors around, and I don't know if Christian Bale is going to be up for the role of Batman after the third installment of that franchise reboot. Superman sequel a reboot?