George Miller moving on from Justice League?

This just in: Justice League Mortal (or Justice League Confusion as I like to call it) hasn't even hit pre-production yet. Not really news I'll give you that, but it does set up this post quite well. IESB has learned that George Miller is no longer attached to direct the Justice League film. He's set his sights on another DC property in the Green Lantern. Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green recently had a go at the character for a film and Robert Sanchez over at IESB got a hold the script. The more interesting thing about the script (not that Green Lantern isn't interesting, I'm just a little hesitant to get excited by a script that has yet to get the greenlight) is that George Miller has been asked to helm the Green Lantern film. Why isn't Warner Brothers going forward with Justice League you ask? WB will tell you its because of the Screen Actor's Guild strike, but those within tell a different story: they don't want to piss Chrisopher Nolan and Christian Bale off. See, when Warner Brothers decided to go forward with a Justice League film, they decided to have it exist outside the universe created by Batman Begins (and subsequently The Dark Knight) and Superman Returns. Keeping that in mind the roles of the members of the Justice League were to be completely recast, which didn't sit too well with Nolan and Bale. And its not that Nolan and Bale were jealous or anything, rather, they didn't want the movie creating a different universe that would affect the newly revitalized Batman universe. Warner Brothers must have wisened up and realized that if they wanted a sequel to The Dark Knight that they should probably give Nolan a little bit of what he wants. So it looks like Justice League just got delayed indefinitely, and honestly I don't know how DC expects to beat Marvel when they've got things in the pipeline in terms of superheroes and team-up films. George Miller no longer attached to Justice League movie (scroll all the way to the bottom to skip potential Green Lantern spoilers)