Iron Man comes home September 30

Paramount has just released the word on when we can expect to see Iron Man playing in our home theater systems: September 30. Special features abound on the Two-Disc Ultimate Edition DVD and Blu-Ray releases and include the following:
  • Additional Scenes: Convoy Ambush
  • Additional Scenes: Craps Table with Tony & Rhodey
  • Additional Scenes: Tony & Rhodey on Stark Jet and Military Ceremony
  • Additional Scenes: Rhodey and General Gabriel
  • Additional Scenes: Tony Comes Home
  • Additional Scenes: Tony Begins Mark II
  • Additional Scenes: Dubai Party
  • Additional Scenes: Pepper Discovers Tony as Iron Man
  • Additional Scenes: Obadiah Addresses Scientists
  • Additional Scenes: Rhodey Saves Iron Man on Freeway
  • Additional Scenes: Rooftop Battle
  • Featurette: The Journey Begins
  • Featurette: The Suit that Makes The Iron Man
  • Featurette: Walk of Destruction
  • Featurette: Grounded In Reality
  • Featurette: Beneath the Armor
  • Featurette: It’s All In The Details
  • Featurette: A Good Story, Well Told
  • Featurette: Origins
  • Featurette: Friends & Foe
  • Featurette: The Definitive Iron Man
  • Featurette: Demon in a Bottle
  • Featurette: Extremis and Beyond
  • Featurette: Ultimate Iron Man
  • Featurette: Wired: The Visual Effects of Iron Man
  • Featurette: The Actor's Process
  • Trailers: Iron Man: Armored Adventures
  • Trailers: The Onion "Wildly Popular Iron Man Trailer to be Adapted into Full Length Film"
  • Easter Eggs: Easter Egg Stan Lee
  • Other: Robert Downey Jr. Screen Test
  • Other: Still Galleries (175 images)
The Blu-Ray edition will have all of the above as well as:
  • Trailers: Theatrical Teaser [Theatrical #1 - "Teaser" v.13 Rev.]
  • Trailers: Theatrical Trailer [Theatrical Trailer #2]
  • Trailers: International Trailer B [Int'l Trailer B - "Final"]
  • Trailers: International Trailer C [Int'l Trailer C - "Destiny" v.10]
  • Other: Credits
  • Other: Iron Man I.Q. - BD Live
Iron Man hitting home theaters September 30