Iron Man trilogy

Robert Downey, Jr. made some of the promotional rounds last week for Tropic Thunder (which I thought was hilarious and you should go see if you can) and one of his stops was Live with Regis and Kelly. During the course of the interview, Downey was asked about Iron Man 2, to which he responded that yes, the film is underway and due in theaters April 30, 2010. The more interesting thing to note is that Downey said the film is to be part of a trilogy (still really no surprise there I guess), and that he'd be wiling to do more Iron Man films beyond the first three. That's really good news, because it means that first off the Avengers movie will be that much better because it will definitely have Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark. But I think the bigger implication of this means that we could see some superhero crossovers beyond the traidtional teamups. Something along the lines of Wolverine and Spider-man, or Hulk versus Wolverine...things of that nature. Now of course this is just hearsay and conjecture on my part, but it would make sense to be the next step in what is clearly becoming a profitable revenue stream for Marvel. Budgetwise, these films really wouldn't cost that much more than the movies are costing now (barring the salaries of what are becoming some pretty high profile actors in the roles), and it seems that the stories are going that route anyway (with the rumored villain for the Avengers movie being the Hulk).