Justice League Confusion set to film in 2009?

With The Dark Knight currently demolishing the box office, and with Watchmen right around the corner, you have to wonder what DC has up their sleeve for next. The new Superman film is still in all sorts of limbo, while Justice League has been confirmed, then canceled, then confirmed, then canceled, so on, and so forth. But George Miller may know a thing or two about the film, considering he's directing it and all. In an interview with Courier Mail, Miller mentioned that the film's production has been moved offshore from Australia, and is slated to begin next year. Somehow he managed to work this in while verbally drooling over relative unknown Megan Gale, tapped to play Wonder Woman. "She got the job because she blitzed her screen test. I mean, I had no idea she was so good. She was brilliant," Miller said. "She walked into our office in Sydney and read the part. She has done some Italian movies but I didn't think she would be as good as she was. "But once she read we all looked around at each other said, 'well, there's no question'." "It's one of those things - some people can run fast without any training and acting is the same. And Megan is one of those people who can just act." I'm not sure if Miller really does love Gale that much (I'm sure she'll do fine), or if its because he was interviewing with an Australian periodical (and Australia sure is fond of its exported actors). In either case, the things we can take from this interview are that filming should begin next year, and Megan Gale is hot. Justice League Confusion slated to start production in 2009