Marvel/Disguise Fashion Show

One of the key tenets of business school I've learned while finishing up my MBA is that its important to diversify your brand. You can't get complacent just because you're making money, and you have to constantly be looking for new ways to generate revenue. And while I respect Marvel's drive for more money, I don't quite know how I feel about the Marvel/Disguise Fashion Show at Comic Con. What did the show entail? Exactly what it sounds like. Five models dressed as Emma Frost, Spider-man (original), Spider-man (black suit), Captain America and Black Cat parading down a small runway at the Marvel booth. And I'm not even sure what was accomplished by Marvel trotting these ladies out in the first place (to tell you the truth, this really goes beyond the whole booth babe thing). I mean, I guess these women have to like comics somewhat right? In any case, check out the rather pointless video below and ask yourself "does this make me want to buy more Marvel?" If so, then Marvel has successfully diversified their revenue stream. If not, well hey, at least they're easy on the eyes to look at.