Mister X returns

25 years ago Dean Motter created Mister X, originally published by Vortex Comics successfully leveraged art deco and "psychotecture" to create a film noir style work focused on Mister X, a man who would stay awake 24 hours a day to quell the madness he believed his city design was causing. The comic is right up there with Watchmen, Batman: Dark Knight Returns, and Love and Rockets as some of the most important comics from the '80s. And in honor of the upcoming 25th anniversary of said work, Dark Horse is rereleasing the innovative comic. Coming to stores in November 2008 (a little earlier than the true 25th, but cut them some slack) will be Mister X: The Archives, featuring the entire original series in all its remastered glory. And not only that. But Dark Horse is also giving fans a new series based on the man known by simply a letter, as Dean Motter will pen and draw a four-issue series called Mister X: Condemned. Full press release below. Celebrate XXV Years of Mister X In 1984, acclaimed book and album designer Dean Motter helped reshape the look and scope of alternative comics with the watershed title Mister X. After a long absence, Dark Horse is proud to present the return of Mister X. This pivotal series comes back to print in Mister X: The Archives, a fully remastered, stunningly beautiful hardcover collecting the entire original series. Featuring early artwork from comics superstars Los Bros. Hernandez and Dave McKean, this tome also includes the comics that helped launch the careers of independent icons Ty Templeton, Paul Rivoche, and Seth. On the 25 the anniversary of the character’s creation, Motter also returns to write and draw an all-new story starring his most influential creation. Fans now get a new taste of Mister X in a four-issue series, Mister X: Condemned. Mister X: Condemned is the tragic tale of Radiant City, an experiment in perfect living gone terribly wrong. Built to fulfill the grandest aesthetic and architectural ideals, this vast and beautiful metropolis has fallen victim to an unknown pestilence of its psyche. As ever increasing numbers of its residents go mad, one man is driven to discover the root of this plague—Mister X. Not immune to the effects of the city, this mysterious figure struggles to save his community even as he battles the rebellion of his own mind. “Mister X: Condemned is a reboot of my most popular creation. While I am writing and drawing the series both for new readers and fans of the original series, I am really doing this for myself,” explains creator Dean Motter. “I am returning to a darker, more mysterious vision of the character. It is more along the lines I had originally envisioned back in 1983—noir, retro sci-fi, Deco/Streamline/Bauhaus architecture, German Expressionism, the works.” Mister X: Mister Archives will be released in November 2008, with the fist issue of Mister X: Condemned following in December.