New Batman game in works (non-Dark Knight related)

We don't know if Pandemic's video game adaptation of The Dark Knight is anywhere near completion (or confimation for that part). But that shouldn't stop other games studios from stepping in and making their own version of a new Batman game. According to Gamers Daily News, Rocksteady Studios is working on a game called Batman: Arkham Asylum and will be published by Eidos. The game will be unrelated to The Dark Knight and will instead be a new story that will center around the Joker (big surprise) and will be written by Paul Dini. The targeted release date is 2009, which couldn't be more vague if it tried. "This completely original title explores Gotham City’s darkest location, the infamous Arkham Asylum. But as a routine prison transfer goes wrong, the Joker sets his demented plan into action and Batman comes face to face with an army of his worst enemies. In a dark and gritty setting reminiscent of Bioshock (with a story co-written by Paul Dini), Arkham Asylum is setting the stage for a true-to-character Batman game." So this sounds like good news. There's word that the game will be more on the darker side of Batman, which seems to be the chic thing to do now when telling a story involving Batman. And any game that draws on Bioshock as inspiration has some promise. I would imagine that we will be hearing perhaps an official announcement of the game or some news on Friday at around 2 PM ET if the countdown clock on the Rocksteady page is any indication. New Batman game in the works Batman Countdown