Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Q&A

I'm a little intrigued by the upcoming Spider-Man: Web of Shadows game due in stores in October. The intrigue comes from the ability to play as either Spider-Man, with all his nimble agility or as black suit Spider-Man with all his brute strength. Beyond that though, Shaba Games and Marvel have been relatively mum on other details of the web-slinging adventure. Until now. Marvel had the opportunity to speak with Zak Krefting, the Creative Director at Shaba Games. Its a good read and features some things we already know, and some things we don't already know. Krefting goes into a bit of detail regarding the powers of the two suits. "In Black Suit you can upgrade your suit's ichor, turning your fists and webs into 30 foot tentacles with hatchet-like teeth on the end. The more enemies you hit, the more XP you get, the more you pour it into your Black Suit. The cycle continues until you are one bad-ass Spider-Man Venom Hybrid. When you utilize these attacks on the street, anything around you gets destroyed in the process, causing panic and fear. If this offends purists, then great! That's why we made Red Suit classic, with fast, agile and precise moves that you've seen in the comics. Instead of smashing everything with brute force, you can pluck an enemy off the ground, punch him, web him back to you, punch him again then wind him up like a yo-yo and pin him to the wall with webs. A lot of red suit's moves reflect his sense of humor in the face of adversity, while Black Suit just smashes adversity to bits." The game doesn't really fit anywhere (comics or movies) continuitywise, but does have a good story regardless that focuses on a symbiote invasion. The fighting mechanics seem pretty cool, and there is even a real-time aspect to game play in that if an enemy is about to attack the Spider Sense goes crazy, giving the player the opportunity to react. All in all, this seems to be looking like one of the better Spidey games we've seen in a while. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Q&A