The Tumbler Replica

Today is going to be all about Batman, and there's nothing wrong with that. This post though is going to be about another man named Bob Dullam, a freaking GENIUS. Jalopnik has images of Mr. Dullam posing next to his brand new baby, a life-sized replica of the Tumbler from the most recent spate of Batman films. And this isn't a paper mache replica, or balsa wood or any other relatively inexpensive hobby material. No, this was custom welded in his freaking GARAGE. BY HIMSELF. And how'd he do it? Just by watching the extras on the Batman Begins DVD and still photos. "I did this alone, no help. I have found with other things in the past that if you have help, the help often does not get it(parts) right, and you have to do it over 95% of the time, plus I like to work alone. All parts are scratch built, cept' tires, rims, brakes, engine, etc.. meaning all bodyparts, brackets, just about everything external on the car. Yes, I will do a batpod, and TDK suit for myself. I love building this stuff." The man has also made a Batsuit, and next on his list is a Batpod. Yes, a FREAKING BATPOD!!! And now the question I know you want answered. Will he make me one? "No, not building this to sell. You wouldn't want to sell this if you had one, believe me. It's a once in a lifetime project." Well, at least we know that the one in existence was built by a true fan and was done so out of his true passion and not some cheapened goal of making a quick buck. The Tumbler's in the driveway