Venom movie in the works?

I'm pretty sure you've seen Spider-Man 3, and if not, you should probably go check it out before you seriously consider yourself a comic book fan. I'm not saying it was the greatest movie ever made (the plot was a little convoluted and it ran a little long), but it still featured one of the coolest Marvel villains in Venom. And of course, we all know that at the end of the film, the extremely short-lived Topher Grace version supposedly died. But it is the Venom symbiote, so you never know. According to THR, Sony has greenlit a movie based solely on Venom (big surprise...if Fox can do it why can't Sony?). There is currently a script by Mean Creek scribe Jason Estes floating around out there, but Sony seems to want to go in a different direction. And its not confirmed that Grace would be reprising his role as Eddie Brock/Venom in the standalone film, as Sony has doubts that he can carry a film. In any case, Sony is currently projecting Spider-Man 4 for a 2011 release date, so I wouldn't expect to see a Venom film until either 2010 or 2012, because it'd be pretty foolish to release both within the same year (unless they were tied together). The problem with a Venom film is that it would pretty much have to exist outside the continuity of the other Spider-Man films. Marvel seems to be all about continuity in their films, and the entire Venom storyline was seemingly wrapped up in Spider-Man 3. And Venom can't really stand on his own like Wolverine can, because Venom pretty much has to fight Spider-Man (and I can assure you that Tobey Maguire would probably not come back for a Venom one-off film if he's unsure about even doing a fourth Spider-Man film). What would be freaking awesome (and would probably never happen) is for the Venom film to focus on his fight with Carnage, which would lead into an epic Spider-Man 4 based on Maximum Carnage. Venom movie in the works?