Virgin Comics shuttering NY office

Comics are booming these days. It seems there are at least two superhero themed films being released annually, and storylines such as Civil War are proving that comic stories can be thought provoking. Having said that, it does come as a surprise when a comic company seems to not be doing so hot. Such is the case with Virgin Comics. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Virgin Comics is closing its NY office in attempt to reorganize that division of the company. Virgin Comics was originally a partnership between Virgin Books and Gotham Entertainment (in India) that has had some nifty comics ideas, but none that have really taken off. There have already been eight layoffs, and the company plans to consolidate operations at a Los Angeles base. "We remain excited about the business and partnerships we have built through Virgin Comics and are working towards a restructuring that properly takes the business forward," CEO Sharad Devarajan said in a statement. There is no word as to what Virgin Comics has planned for the immediate future and how current titles will be affected. This is kind of sad, but I think it speaks to the sheer volume of comics available out there; a quantity that seemed unfathomable years ago. Virgin Comics closing NY office