Watchmen posters as art

You may have noticed in looking at the recent promotional posters released for the upcoming movie adaptation of Watchmen that they looked somewhat familiar. And there's a reason for that. The brilliant folks who are marketing the movie decided that it might be wise (and a good tribute to fans of the work) to base the posters on original artwork. To that end, Wizard Universe tapped John Higgins to recreate the images from the posters. "Much like practically everything else regarding Watchmen, the ad campaign that preceded Watchmen #1 was also revolutionary," says Wizard Executive Editor Brian Cunningham. "The art was in black and white, the Watchmen logo was white letters in a block of vertical blood red. The ads of that era mostly got in your face with some dramatic, character pose. Not so here: These ads showed characters in candid poses that didn't look directly at you. And, as a result, they looked more dramatic than any comic ad before it. The character quotes used in the ads were also poignant in that they gave you insight not only into the character's personality, but a glimpse into the 'world' of Watchmen, setting you up for issue #1." There's nothing too revolutionary about these images, as they're really just art adaptations of existing posters. But its still cool to see how close the posters are to the artwork. And they're another excuse to get even more psyched for the film when it releases March 2009. Watchmen poster comparisons