Who do comic writers want as the next Batman villain?

We're still in the early days of the massive juggernaut that is The Dark Knight, but why should that stop us from hypotheiszing about the next film? Everyone is talking about Heath Ledger's performance as Joker (and rightfully so) and less about Two-Face, so the villains in the next film need to exceed mammoth expectations. But who should those villains be? MTV caught up with a who's who of comic book writers, and their opinions are kind of varied. However one character kind of stands out: Catwoman. Grant Morrison (“Arkham Asylum”): “Ideally, you want another movie with Heath. Without him, Catwoman, but really think that one through. Give her a new take.” Tim Sale (“Batman: The Long Halloween”): “[Catwoman]’s such a powerful and sexual and strong woman, and I like that. But god, I hope not as Frank Miller’s version of her as a prostitute. That’s the worst part of ‘Year One.’ That’s just Frank trying to be outrageous. It didn’t ring remotely true to me.” Steve Niles (“30 Days of Night”): “I’d like to see Catwoman over the Penguin. Not as a prostitute, and not as the Tim Burton version — what, cats sniffed her back to life? — but perhaps the Adam Hughes design, with the goggles. That’s very realistic. I can imagine her in street clothes that are designed just right. I also like the idea of them creating villains just for the movies.” Jeph Loeb (“Batman: The Long Halloween”): “There’s a great story to be told of the triangle between Bruce/Batman and Selena/Catwoman. I love writing her. She plays with him like a ball of yarn. She’s the only one that makes him all rigid when he talks to her.” Personally, I would love to see a Catwoman/Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy triangle, all fighting for the affections of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Its going to be impossible to top what Ledger did with the Joker, but by switching to female villains you can make the movie stand on its own (and not feel like their performances have to be compared to Ledger's). You can't really do Riddler because he's going to be perceived too much like the Joker. Penguin is an interesting villain at times, but I don't really know if you could build the entire story around him. Focusing on the female triumvarate will give the third film a different feel, while at the same time looking at the Batman/Bruce Wayne character through a totally different prism. And if you used Harley Quinn, you could keep the spirit of Joker in the film without actually having him in it (there's no way you can recast the role...in fact, I don't think anyone will ever play Joker again after Ledger). And Catwoman is pretty instrumental in the Batman universe, as she is the on-again, off-again flame of Batman, with Selena Kyle performing the same role for Bruce Wayne. Poison Ivy you could probably do without, and make it just about Catwoman and Harley Quinn. Comic writers weigh in on next Batman villain