Wizard Webcomic of the Week

Wizard, being the benevolent purveryor of comics news that they are, have decided to give back to the comic world. Every week they focus on another comic on the web that you might not have heard of. This week, the focus is on Dreamer, a comic by Lora Innes. "It was like a year and a half ago that I had been freelancing full time from home and I was getting pretty bored with it, so I decided I would take a shot and do some more comic book work. I hadn't done that in a while and I hadn't really done a lot of it, even though it's what I had wanted to do. I was struggling with the fact that I don't really like drawing Spider-Man even though I loved to read it. I am really good friends with Bo Smith, so I was talking with him about I on the phone and I was like "I don't like to draw robots, I don't like to draw monsters..." and he was like, "Lora, you will never draw those things as well as some of the other guys in the industry because that's what they love to draw. You need to find out what you love to draw and then it will be the best work you've ever done because it comes from your passion." So he left me with the question of, "What kind of story do I want to tell?" I thought that was a really good question, but I didn't really have an answer for it at that point in time. But, it kind of got me thinking. The Dreamer is the answer to that question. It's all of my passion just rolled up into one story." So check it out, and expose yourself to some new comic goodness. Wizard Webcomic of the Week