Wonder Woman trailer

Update: Yahoo! Movies has the trailer now officially online without all the shaky Blair Witchness. I was perusing the extras on Batman: Gotham Knight the other day and one of them was a featurette on the upcoming Wonder Woman animated film, featuring Keri Russell as the goddess herself. I selected to watch it, thinking I'd get a trailer about the film so I could know what to expect. Instead, it was classic "let's get the voice actors discussing their characters over storyboards" featurette that honestly did nothing to get my hyped for it. Thankfully, Comic Con remedied this situation during their panel discussing the film. Attendees were given the opportunity to view the trailer for the film, and thanks to an intrepid and aspiring journalist (I would hope), below is a traditional shaky video recording of the trailer. I'm not sure how long this will be online, but I doubt it will get taken down as fast as the trailer did for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In any case, enjoy it while you can. Find more videos like this on ENewsi.com