Bring the Batpod home with Blu-ray

The HD Room has gotten a look at what we can expect from The Dark Knight when it hits home theaters December 9. There will be two versions of the Blu-ray release, a standard version and and a two-disc limited edition featuring a Batpod display case. For the technophiles out there, both will be presented in widescreen 2.4:1 1080p video and 5.1 Dolby TrueHD audio. As far as features, here's what can be expected from the collector's edition version
  • Exclusive Bat-Pod Display Case
  • Gotham Uncovered: Creation of a Scene
  • Batman Tech: The Incredible Gadgets and Tools (HD)
  • Batman Unmakes: The Psychology of the Dark Knight (HD)
  • Gotham Tonight - 6 Episodes of Gotham's news program
  • The Galleries - the Joker Cards, Concept Art, Poster Art, Productions Stills, Trailers, TV Spots
So get your preorder on if you're so inclined. And whatever your means of purchase be sure you're at the store to pick up a copy of The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight Blu-ray release details