Defense with the BoomStick

The end of the world is something that may or may not happen, but if it does its good to be prepared. Defense with the BoomStick by Brandon Pilley (Omnicomic's resident zombie expert) will bring you a short tip to survive should the end of the world include zombies. And since we're dealing with zombies, please be aware that some tips may depict some rather gory scenarios. But last I checked zombies aren't looking to have a delightful cup of tea with you. Alright you Zombie killing, food scrounging, making it in this new world survivors. How goes it this week? It’s your old pal Brandon back on the air for a little news, relaxation and the tip of the week. First off I have a message to those survivors out there who decided to not have any common decency anymore and be marauders, killing and stealing whatever you feel like: it is only gonna blow up in your face, and there is no way that you are getting into my compound so stop trying. Got to look out for number one and the people who listen to my broadcast. So let’s get to it shall we? Last week we spoke about the general nature of what a zombie is and the most direct method of dispatching one. For this week I decided to approach the topic of close range weapons for dealing with said zombies; more specifically blunt objects. Pretty much anything can be used as a weapon in some form or fashion but to truly get the job done efficiently and effectively I am going to talk about the good solid weapons that work. Towards this end I am sure most of you have found baseball bats, pipes, wooden planks even; really any blunt object that can do damage to the skull of a zombie. The pros and cons of a blunt weapon all depends on the material it is made out of. Cons mainly deal with durability. Wood eventually cracks and breaks, and certain types of metal bend after repeated use. A pro is that some blunt objects have multiple uses besides bashing in a skull or two, such as the crowbar: good, solid, heavy metal weapon, but also a tool to pry and open doors if need be. Make sure when choosing a close range weapon that perhaps it has other uses as well so you will not be bogged down with added weight from to many different items that could be replaced by fewer, more versatile items. Such items include crowbars, lead pipes, oars, quarter staffs, cricket bats and shovels, just to name a few. On the flipside though is that to use a blunt object means close quarter combat with the undead, and that means protecting yourself from their reach and their mouths. Which in that regard make sure you…. wait a second... I hear one of my perimeter alarms going off I’ll be right back... Whew. Ok folks I am back (had to deal with a zombie on the perimeter before his moan could alert others to my man, you should have seen his head explode). Alright where was I? Oh yeah. Make sure if you have to do close quarters combat that you are wearing tight fitting clothes, so they have nothing to grab a hold of and keep your hair short because many a survivor have been done in by getting grabbed and dragged down by their long hair. Just make sure that if you do get into a situation of having to do close quarters combat don’t let it drag on, because usually when there is one zombie there are many and you can quickly find yourself outnumbered. Farewell for now my fellow survivors, I have to patrol my perimeter to make sure that zombie didn’t call any of his buddies. Until next week (same time, same channel) stay alive.