Eva Longoria+Avengers=Wasp?

I tend to give Marvel credit for their casting choices. For the most part, every actor cast has a pretty good handle on the character they're portraying, which really helps the cause of the movie because it makes it better. And I'm sure most people would tend to agree with me for the most part. But what if I told you that Eva Longoria may be in Marvel's mind for a role in an upcoming movie? And what if that role was in the upcoming Avengers movie? Oh No They Didn't (doesn't sound like a credible news source but bear with me here) reports that Longoria was recently spotted leaving the Marvel comics offices in Beverly Hills. Proof of nothing you say? Well they also have photos, and in those photos she's holding a bunch of Avengers comics. The Avengers movie is currently slated to include Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Ant Man, each of which has had or will have their own individual films before they convene for one of the first comic mega-teamup films ever. But Wasp has also been a member of the Avengers since the beginning and could easily be introduced in the upcoming Ant Man film by Simon Pegg. Which would then mean that we would most likely see her in the Avengers movie. Now I haven't really seen that much of Longoria in films since she really hasn't done much that I've been dying to see. So I don't really know if she would make a good Wasp or not. But like I said in the beginning, Marvel has a pretty good track record when it comes to casting for their films. And I'm sure Stan Lee is chiming in here too, so if he signs off on it then gosh darn it I'll sign off on it. Stay tuned to see if this really pans out to be anything important, and check out the pictures in question below to make your own call. Eva Longoria as the Wasp?