Fox Watchmen suit not getting prettier

I'm starting to get more and more worried about this whole Fox/Warner Brothers Watchmen lawsuit. Its starting to get messy. According to an article in the NY Times, Fox is now seeking an injunction to prevent the film from being released as planned in March. Their reason for doing so is simple: according to them, they didn't know that Lawrence Gordon (one of the film's producers) was shopping the film. But the big WB says that Fox did know the film was being shopped and "sat silently" and taking no actions at all. "In Warner’s version of events, Mr. Gordon, who is not named as a defendant in the Fox suit, actually offered the project to Fox in 2005, shortly before bringing it to Warner after years of trying to make the movie with Paramount. “Fox simply rejected it,” Warner said in the Friday filing. On Friday Warner said Fox had gone so far as to grant it rights to the title “Watchmen,” which Fox had earlier registered with the Motion Picture Association of America. Fox, moreover, was paid $320,000 by one of Mr. Gordon’s companies for rights to “Watchmen” as early as 1991, Warner lawyers said in the report. Fox has said that agreement was superseded by a later deal, under which Mr. Gordon was supposed to deliver a much larger buyout price that has never been paid." As it stands, rumors are flying as to when the actual trial will happen, with April and June being tossed around as potential months. Which of course sucks with the movie planning on being released in March. And it seems that Paramount, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures are all most likely going to get dragged in as well because they have various shares of the distribution rights. It only seems like this whole scenario is going to get messier before it gets cleaned up. All because Fox didn't really care about the film until they realized the potential money it could bring in. Fox stepping up Watchmen lawsuit