Gotham City Dossiers: AdHouse Books

Welcome to Gotham City Dossiers where I try and showcase a lesser known comics publisher. This isn't to say that these publishers need my help bringing attention to themselves, but I'd like to think that readers can get stuff here that they may not be able to get elsewhere. So enjoy, and be sure to check in every Thursday for Gotham City Dossiers. I'm a southerner at heart, having spent most of my life in Virginia. So when I come across a publisher that is based in VA (Richmond to be specific), well I have to show some love. So AdHouse Books, here's some love. AdHouse Books is known as a "boutique publishing juggernaut" that has won numerous industry awards for its collection of sequential and illustrative arts. Books such as Johnny Hiro, the story of a Japanese man who seems to want to try and live a normal life but trouble seems to follow him everywhere (yes, that trouble includes Godzilla). Another one is Skyscrapers of the Midwest (I bet you didn't know there were skyscrapers in the midwest). Capturing the rural solitude and sadness of a land full of anthropomorphic country cats, Skyscrapers of the Midwest hits a nerve that would make a grown man cry and was awarded the 2004 Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics. Finally anything that is superior has to be good. And that's just what Superior Showcase is, a compilation of works from up and coming indy writers and artists. AdHouse Books does do books as well, including Salamander Dream, the tale of a young girl's journey within a magical forest and as the years pass, she finds herself changing, which in turn, changes her friendship with Salamander. Salamander Dream marks Hope Larson's first full length solo creation within the world of comics. Monkey and Spoon proves that yes a monkey can love a spoon (why should their love be unrequited?). So check out AdHouse Books for some new and innovative comics that aren't quite traditional in that sense of the word. AdHouse Books