Heroes returns September 22

Finally, after nearly nine months of waiting, Heroes is coming back. The second season was abruptly cut short because of the writer's strike, meaning their grand three part opus wasn't quite realized as they had intended. But now its coming back, and we can pick up right where we left off. But wait a minute. That was nine months ago when I last saw an episode of Heroes. What if I can't remember anything? Is Sylar bad? Which Petrelli is the whiny one? Is Kristen Bell coming back? All those questions and more can be answered at the official Heroes website. Its definitely the best place to take a gander at to get yourself reacquainted with the show if you feel like there are some things you've forgotten. The season premiere for season 3 ("Villains") is set to air this Monday, September 22 at 9 PM EST. The two hour special will be preceded by the requisite red carpet extravaganza at 8 PM EST that will also help to get you up to speed. But I'd expect more on-the-carpet interviews from that that will talk about the upcoming season and less about the past two seasons. Heroes website