Kenneth Branagh directing Thor?

Hmm. Can't say I saw this one coming. Marvel may not have their actor in mind to wield the mighty hammer of Odin as Thor, but it appears they have their director in mind. Variety reports that Kenneth Branagh is in negotiations to direct the Mark Protosevich penned film following sickly Donald Blake/Thor. Marvel plans on financing the film via their Merrill Lynch credit (we'll see how that works out) and are aiming to have the film released in 2010. So far really the only names to be attached to the film as Thor are Matthew McConaughy and Matthew Vaughn, so its really anyone's guess at this point as to who it will end up being. With comic book films becoming all the rage and some actors even using them as career revival projects (read Robert Downey, Jr.), it would surprise me if the actor tapped to play Thor was a big name player. Kenneth Branagh directing Thor?