LEGO Batman reviews

You don't really need to read reviews to know that you WANT to get LEGO Batman for whatever system you may own. But if you're one of those people that are a little more hesitant to pick up a game until you've heard some things about the game, then Metacritic's got you covered. In case you don't know, Metacritic is a great site that compiles various media ratings gathered from multiple sources. There are currently only four reviews up there, but as the game is out longer more and more reviews will be added. But enough about Metacritic, what do the real critics think of the game? Well, most are pleased. If you've played a LEGO game before then there really isn't that much new here in terms of gameplay. What IS new is that the world of Batman is brought to you in spiffy LEGO form, telling a completely original Batman story not based on any previous Batman stories. If you're on the fence, check out the Metacritic reviews and then go get it. Otherwise, you should be getting up right now and walking out the door to get the game. Metacritic's review of LEGO Batman