Marvel gets some BPRD in their Spider-Man

Comic creators are a busy lot. It matter not whether they are an artist, writer, illustrator, penciler (you get the idea)...they're all excessively busy. So it should come as no surprise when a talented creator decides to spread his talent to other companies, as is the case with John Arcudi. Famous for his work with Mike Mignola on B.P.R.D., Arcudi will be joining Marvel to work on Amazing Spider-Man Family #2 starting October 1 (featuring art by Ramon Bachs). And the story he's got in mind is quite intriguing. "The focus is on a former small-time but very successful stick-up man—successful, that is, until he was busted by Spidey a few years ago," Arcudi explains, setting up his yarn. "This story picks up today when this guy is trying to re-enter society. It charts the impact that Spider-Man's intervention had on his life, and ultimately where it leads him. Maybe it even asks a hard question about what crime fighting really accomplishes. Maybe." Arcudi is known for a rather humorous writing style, which seems to be something that would work perfectly when writing a story featuring Spider-Man. Expect to see more of Arcudi's writing stylings in Amazing Spider-Man Family "family" (sorry about that) of comics. And one can only think that that is a good thing for Spidey fans. John Arcudi at Marvel