Megan Fox Fathoming a new movie?

IESB has it on good authority that Megan Fox has signed on to play Aspen Matthews in a live-action film based on Michael Turner's Fathom comics. Now in the past Turner said that the film was essentially in developmental purgatory, and that it was in the midst of an on-again, off-again relationship with Fox Studios as far as filming goes. Last word was that it was off, mainly due to Hollywood meddling with the script causing it to deviate from the source material. And with the unfortunate and untimely passing of Turner from cancer, one would expect that without a doubt the film would be shelved. But IESB's contact says that the film has been sent over to Fox Atomic Films, better known as the arm of Fox Studios that releases those movies that Fox Studios doesn't necessarily think will do that well. Fox Studios is seeking out scriptwriters to help revamp the script, and one can only hope that they do keep it true to the source material. Now Fox (the non-studio version) has made a name for herself recently mostly for her role in Transformers and less so because of her engagement to Brian Austin Green (still haven't figured that one out yet). And while its been said that she isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed (and I've even read some reports that she's kind of a bitch...Megan if you're reading we can do an interview to clear that up), she's definitely hot. So hot in fact that she would fit the role well of a blazing brunette in a swimsuit and wet for an entire movie. But can she carry an entire movie like this by herself? I'm sure fans of Aspen are going to see the film for more than just the chance to see a hot chick. And I hope that if this is true that Fox Studios and Megan Fox aren't going into this half-ass...both have to commit to it. As more and more comic book film adaptations are being released the bar is being raised higher and higher, so a comic book movie has to be at least half-decent to be successful. Megan Fox playing Fathom?