More on Fox as Fathom

Last week rumors surfaced (heh heh, get it...surfaced) that Megan Fox was being linked to the upcoming Fathom movie. Newsarama checked with Aspen Comics president Frank Mastromauro for his comment. And while it was confirmation of anything, it certainly wasn't a denial either. "Unfortunately, most of my answer would be ‘no comment’ at the moment, since we’re still working out some things in regards to the movie and I can’t go into detail on anything. However, I will give you a little bit of background info. "Last summer [at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con during our panel) when Mike [Turner] commented about the movie not really happening anymore, things changed shortly after. Even though not much was going on with it, there was still a lot of interest in the property. After meeting a few great people that had the same passion for the project as we did, things started to turn again. We had several different meetings and everything looked to be going well, but then Mike wound up getting sick this past February." Interesting. It would make since with the recent success of just about any movie based on comic books that even smaller publishers would want to see their properties on the big screen. And for Aspen Comics, being able to corral Fox for the role of Aspen would be the ideal casting choice for them. It appears that there is a Fathom movie in the works, and no comment from both camps as to the rumors that Fox is attached to the picture. Stay tuned as I'm sure new stuff will come out sooner than you realize. News on rumored Fathom movie